Aligning teams and values at recruitment in healthcare.

The Challenge

Our client is a leading provider of palliative care in a region of Melbourne – striving to deliver quality outcomes for the community. This comes down to building strong, empowered and values-aligned teams that can ensure organisational values are delivered in every client experience when out in the community.

But first, they needed to ensure that leadership were aligned.

The Solution

TALY profiled all members of the leadership team, helping to understand not only their personalities and alignment, but also also their personal motivations and story. This resulted in a clear understand of the common threads that pulled the team together, and that would help to build alignment, a shared story and a sense of purpose.

From this, all new recruits coming into the business also went through TALY profiling, looking at fit to role. team alignment and alignment to organisational purpose and culture.

The Impact

Once implemented, the team saw a strong improvement in cultural alignment at leadership, which then translated into stronger leadership and alignment in  individual teams. Recruitment delivered a more consistent workforce, with better hiring decisions being made, and less intervention needed during the probation period.

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