Building culture from Day 1 as a start up.

The Challenge

Vendor Panel – a tech start-up that has grown from a small team to a rapidly growing enterprise that has just taken on investment – knew that with growth comes challenges to identity, values and culture. To help minimise the impact of growing pains on culture, the team brought TALY in to leverage the insights that personality can offer in ensuring team and business growth can be delivered in a culturally sensitive way.

The Solution

TALY worked with the founders to understand the key values of the organisation, profiling the existing start-up team to identify the current mix and alignment to strategy.

Every potential new hire has since been profiled, looking at both personality, values and aptitude, to understand not only fit to role, but also alignment to culture and the existing team. This helped to ensure that new hires would support rather than negatively impact cultural needs, but also that new hires helped to bring a diversity in thinking that would round out the team.

The Impact

“We started out hiring based on gut feel and a traditional recruitment process. It didn’t always work. We started using taly to give us a consistent reference that offered some evidence and solid data to help make our hiring decisions. This has made a massive difference. We are much, much better at finding people that both fit, and help us grow in the areas where we need more depth. It is a standard part of every hiring decision. It also helps as a great management and development tool across the team as new people come on-board.”

James Leathem

Founder and CEO of Vendorpanel

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