About TALY

Our philosophy

We believe people are fascinating. A better understanding of who we are and how we can best work together leads to a productive and happy workplace.

Australian-based and founded by leading thinkers in the people space, our mission is to bring a fresh approach to personality profiling that combines academic thinking, data science and business consulting – helping individuals and organisations to make better people decisions based on quality and accurate insights.

What we do at TALY is to convert leading academic understanding of personality into actionable insights that benefit business. After years of seeing tangible results within organisations, we know understanding who we are and our natural tendencies and preferences in the corporate environment is both an illuminating and rewarding process.

Leadership Team

Peter Treloar
Peter brings extensive experience in human behaviour, research and consulting to the TALY team. His experience extends across both employee and consumer research, providing insights that align to business objectives.

David Philips
David has led organisations in commercial roles locally and globally over the last 15 years and brings extensive experience in communications, strategy and business operations. David has also led numerous international innovation teams developing innovation pipelines for major global brands. To TALY, he brings a strong strategic perspective that ensures we align people development to corporate strategy. He also brings transformative creative and cultural thinking to our clients.

Soon-Ee Cheah
Soon-Ee is different to most of us – his passions lie in “finding the signals amongst the noise”. Again in his words, he finds “underlying structures in big datasets”. For the past decade, Soon-Ee has aided some of Australia’s best medical researchers to help them understand patterns and meaning in their testing of pharmaceutical products within University testing conditions. His work includes several multi-national collaborations presenting at national and internal conferences. For fun, Soon-Ee has built his own 3d printer and learns new programming

Luke Downey
Luke is a research psychologist whose work has been dedicated to assessment and modification of psychological performance. His research includes time at Harvard Medical School and Swansea University investigating the link between who we are and how we perform. Luke has also collaborated with other researchers examining the efficacy of natural medicines on neuropsychological outcomes. His work has been presented in almost every significant academic city around the world.