Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Taly takes privacy seriously, and we respect and are committed to upholding your rights to privacy protection under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (including the Australian Privacy Principles).  Taly will comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Information Privacy Principles which regulate the collection, use, disclosure and handling of personal information.

In privacy, we are guided by our general principles that place your privacy and the information you entrust to us as of the utmost importance. These are:

  • Taly uses, at the heart of its offer, the information provided by respondents. Therefore, our priority is to protect and respect the information with which we are provided
  • Taly is independent, and commits to providing clients with unbiased, trusted information. Therefore, we our utmost to ensure the protection of the information provided, and the accuracy of this information is dependant on respondents completing their responses in a trusted and safe environment
  • Taly respects the private information of our clients and individuals participating in the program. Therefore, we will not share, distribute, make public or in any other way provide identifiable detail to third party providers for any purpose

What we do with your information.

The following explains how we deal with the information that we obtain from visitors to our website and individuals that participate in our personality profile and psychometric testing.  By proceeding to take a personality profile or psychometric test through this website you will be asked to consent to the use of your information as described on this page.

The kind of information that we collect

If you contact Taly to make an inquiry we will ask for information such as your contact details and a summary of your inquiry so that we can address your needs.

If you participate in a personality profile we will collect information from you such as:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Postcode
  • Industry of employment

We also collect your responses to a range of attitude statements ,that describe a person’s personality and behavior.

Collecting and holding your information

We predominantly collect information directly from you either because you contact us with an enquiry, you visit our website or you undertake a personality profile or psychometric test.

If we have been engaged by an employer, the employer will provide us with your name, email address, position description and your resume.

All information is collected through our website which interfaces with our software.  When you answer a question using our software, the responses and final reports are collected and stored in the software as well as in our cloud server.

Using your information

Your information will be used for the purpose that you have provided it to us for.  This includes:

  • To produce a psychometric report for your employer or potential employer. 

We offer a variety of reports that cover personality traits such as emotional intelligence, conscientiousness, openness, innovation profiles, team mapping, resilience profiles, sales profiles and risk profiles.  More information about specific profiles can be obtained here: .  The information that is provided during a test will be collated and assessed electronically using algorithms built within our software.  A report will be produced that provides a picture of your natural tendencies, based on the answers that you provide, according to standard industry practice in psychometric analysis.  We can only comment on how Taly uses your information, which is to prepare reports a requested by our clients.  You will need to contact the party that arranged for you to undertake the test to understand how they will use the information collected and produced by Taly.

We also use the information in team settings of employees where we use the results to run sessions to assist with balancing and understanding different personalities.

  • To produce a personality profile for you.

When you participate in a personality profile for yourself, we will use the information that you provide in the testing process to prepare a report that outlines where you sit on a number of key personality dimensions in comparison with the ‘average’ person.  This is all done electronically using algorithms built within our software and compiled in a report form by us.  If you request a personality profile from Taly, you will be asked to provide consent for Taly to use the information for the research purposes described below.  Taly cannot offer you a personality profile unless consent is provided for us to use your responses for research purposes.

  • Personality Profile:  Research purposes

We use test responses to test the workability of our surveys and to help build new products and tools for understanding personalities.  In conjunction with our third party partners we also use personality profiles in an aggregate form to conduct data mapping and form predictions of personality traits.

Disclosure of information

We disclose the results of psychometric reports to the person or entity that engages us to produce the report.  If you have been asked to undertake the test by a third party, you should clarify with that person or entity as to who is receiving the results.

As stated above in “Personality Profile: Research purposes” Taly has an arrangement with third party partners to whom we disclose the information in your personality profile for the sole purpose described above.  Our third-party partners will not disclose that information to anyone else.   You can contact us for more information about our commercial partners.

Taly does not disclose any information to parties based outside of Australia.

We will disclose your information if we are required to do so by law, for example to respond to a court subpoena or a request from a regulatory authority.

We do not sell your information or disclose it to any third parties other than as described on this page.

Using pseudonyms and anonymity

We cannot facilitate the use of pseudonyms or allow for anonymous testing.  This is because we are engaged to produce a report on a particular individual.

Google Analytics

We use google analytics on our website to understand how visitors to our site interact with us.


We have taken steps to keep your information secure such as password protection access, in addition to protections embedded in the software and server.

Access to your information

Requests to access, update or correct your information should be made to and we will respond to you within a reasonable time.  You can also contact if you have any complaints about how we deal with your information.

This policy was last updated as at January 2018.


“Taly” means The People Idea Pty Ltd (ACN 602 736 836) t/a Taly

“We, us or our” means Taly