Why most companies are failing to unlock innovation…

So have you heard? There’s an ‘Innovation Boom’ going on.  Well certainly a boom in aspiration.

If we say we’re focusing on innovation (or make it someone’s responsibility) it’s going to happen right?

For most organisations it is just not happening for the following reasons:

Lack of structure and process.

Many feel that innovation is about unlocking technology and creative people solving problems and sure, it can be, but the consistent performers have tight and effective organisational processes to guide and enhance ideas to realisation.

Innovation as a task rather than a culture.

When innovation becomes something we do rather than the way we act, it is embedded in our DNA. Innovation should not be a training program or annual team session, it has to come to life in everything we do, every day.

Getting the right people together and getting them to do the right things (team organisation).

Effective innovation teams bring together a mix of different personalities – creative thinkers, problem solvers, conservative and protective mindsets, strong communicators, salespeople, and more. Getting these different mindsets to work together effectively and positively is the first step in delivering innovation outcomes.

Fear of failure and the burden of proof.

While many executive teams ‘support’ innovation, the truth is that there still exists an enduring fear of failure – and the subsequent reliance on evidence and assurance before any action is taken. Too often we hear stories from well-meaning team members taking new ideas to a leadership team, and quickly being shot down for not having evidence it will pay off.

We need to shift mindset through all levels of the organisation to promote an adventurous and curious mindset.

Building effective innovation teams by starting with personality…

The Challenge

Australia Post is highly innovation-focused, constantly building innovation capability within its teams and looking to uncover new opportunities for growth and to connect with the Australian community.

To assist, Australia Post asked TALY to show them how personality links to innovative performance, and how this information can be used to build strong team and to help individuals to think more innovatively on a daily basis.


The Solution

Any solution in innovation must start with the organisational strategy. TALY tested the team to develop an understanding of the base team, innovation attributes and team mapping. We used this insight to build a bespoke intrapreneurship and innovation profiling tool, customised to the needs of the organisation.

TALY then worked with the team to identify the gaps between an innovative culture and their existing culture and the structural and behavioural barriers that stood in their way. Finally, TALY delivered a full day training program that focused on not just the fundamental innovation process but also incorporated learnings on the individual and the organisation at each stage.

The Impact

Key projects defined through the innovation process are still proceeding through the organisation however all of these projects have been built from human design principles with teams working more effectively together.