The Science of Personality

At TALY, we take building robust and reliable personality and culture assessments seriously. At the heart of our offer is the TALY Personality Profile – built by our team of academic researchers, data scientists and consultants to address key Australian business needs.

Exploring the Five Factor Personality

When it comes to measuring personality, there are a range of tools available to business today.

But there is only one approach that is consistently recognised by psychologists, academics and researchers to be a valid, robust and trusted approach – The Five Factor Personality Typology.

And so, that’s why we’ve built our own Five Factor Personality test as the foundation of the TALY Personality Profile.

The Five Factor Personality Profile is based on the established academic convention that there are five core traits (comprised of a variety of sub-traits) that best represent our personality.

A trait linked to a desire to achieve, to do a task well. Reliable, organised, neat, systematic.

A trait linked to ones engagements with the external world. Energy derived from others, desire to interact, action focused, talkative, assertive.

A trait linked to emotional responsiveness to circumstances – anxiety, moodiness, worry, anger, stress.

A trait linked to a preference for variety and intellectual stimulation. Curiosity, creativity, imagination, interest in aesthetics.

A trait linked to a desire for connection to others. Kind, sympathetic, empathetic, interest in others, see value in others.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence

At work – as in all areas of life – our emotions also play a role. Our ability to use emotion effectively plays an important role in understanding our approach to work, our motivations, our interpersonal skills and our general emotional control.

So, the TALY Personality Profile also includes a measurement of Emotional Intelligence.

To do this, we’ve leveraged the Salovey and Mayer model, building our own version based on the latest academic thinking

Perceiving and Expressing Emotions
The ability to perceive emotions in oneself and express them accurately to others. Also the ability to perceive emotions in other people.

Harnessing Emotions
The ability to generate, use, and feel emotion as necessary to communicate feelings or employ them in other cognitive processes.

Understanding Emotions
The ability to understand the meanings behind emotional information and the way emotions combine and change in the context of relationships.

Managing and Controlling Emotions
The ability to be open to feelings, and to modulate them in oneself and others so as to promote personal understanding and growth.

Want To Find Out More?

We love talking about this stuff! We’ve put together a few bits and pieces that you might find interesting, but get in touch and we can chat further…

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